Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everyday art!

My passion and even need for a new bookshelf opened me to a world of new and exiting ideas of how we can create art out of these pieces.Sharing some interesting ones...
These folding shelves are very exiting as you can change the look everyday and use them as per convinence.I really like their oriental look.
What about this flowing shelf! its made of plastic and can be difined in any form...dreaming about your shape??? Find them here.

This hanging shelf has a beach house feel to it...another innovative design(Link)
I am absolutely in love with this one...close to nature!A real statement piece
This centre table cum book shelve is a conversation piece but i would very scared to spill anything on my books....ofcourse they are precious to me!!!
Find it here.

Art in fibre!

You have to see these artworks by Emily Barletta...

This one's called 'Horizon'...Colous,fibres and oodles of creativity, just amazing!

Her new artwork is thread on paper....

Red and white...simple yet complicated!!

You can browse her complete profile here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy monday...

Just wanted to share
 this 'Oh so beautiful!' dreamy flow of lines with you..

This image is from Libre_versalita.
You can find the link here

Have a happy week ahead...dream on!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A new begining...

Today, i unfold a new chapter in my life...a new world waits for me!!
Want to share a poster on my desktop, it inspires me to explore...

Another one to guide us where we belong...

Try that and believe me it works!!
Don't you think it will make our life easier and stress free if we can do what we love to do...
We would be "loving it!'